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Chinese Metadata F.A.Q.

This FAQ is about using XML-based metadata (e.g., Dublin Core, RDF and EAD), including for Chinese-language metadata.

The FAQ is created to help answer question arising in the Digital Library/Museum project, at Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

A. General

A.1. What is Metadata?

B. WWW Metadata "Standards"

For a good review of Metadata standards, see "Review of Metadata Formats" by Rachel Heery, 1996 (at )

B.1. What is the Dublin Core (DC)?

B.2. What is Qualified Dublin Core (QDC)?

B.3. Can I use Dublin Core with XML or HTML?

B.4. Can I use Dublin Core for Chinese Metadata?

B.5. What is the Resource Description Framework (RDF)?

B.6. Can I use RDF with XML or HTML?

B.7. What is the safest way to use Dublin Core and RDF?

B.8. What is the Warwick Framework?

B.9. What is the Electronic Archive Description (EAD)?

B.10. What is PICS?

B.11. What is the relation between EAD, PICS, Dublin Core, RDF and the Warwick Framework?

B.12. What is MARC?

B.13.What is ANSI Z39.50?

B.14 What is TEI?

B.15. What is CIMI?

B.16. What is XPointer?

B.17. What is FGDC?

B.18. What is CML?

B.19. What is BSML?

C. Implementation

C.1 I'm confused! Do we really need all these kinds of metadata?

C.2 Can I use a CMARC Code if I really want to?

C.3 Can I use CCCII with XML

C.4 Do we need to choose a single metadata standard?

D. XML Questions

D.1. What is XML?

D.2 Is the standard XML attribute xml:lang good enough for metadata?

D.3 How can I represent "pinyin" or "traditional" or "simplified"

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FAQ maintained by: Rick Jelliffe

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