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Chinese XML FAQ

This FAQ is about using XML for Chinese-language documents. For general English-language XML or SGML FAQs see:

An XHTML Chinese version of this FAQ is also available in the following character encodings: Big 5, UTF-8, and GB2312.

A. XML Questions

A.1. What is XML?

A.2. Who developed it?

A.3. Which companies are using it or supporting it?

A.4. How do I know if I am using XML?

A.5. Can I use Chinese Data?

A.6. Can I use Chinese element names?

A.7. What is XHTML?

A.8. What is Well-formed and Valid?

B. Character Sets and Encodings

B.1. Can I use Big5?

B.1. Can I use GB2312?

B.3. How do I know what character sets the XML software supports?

B.4. What if I am using Big5 and the character I need is not there?

B.5. What about Web systems that "Transcode"?

B.6. What if my Web Server sends the wrong charset?

B.7. How do I send the correct MIME/HTTP headers using Apache .htaccess files?

B.8. What is the standard attribute xml:lang for?

B.9. Can I mix different kinds of Chinese in the same document?

B.10. I heard that Unicode is not a good character set for Chinese!

B.11. Why does software xxx work with Big5: the documentation says it does not?

B.12. Some Big5 documents fail with strange errors? Why?

B.13. I cannot see all the characters on my HTML browser! Why?

B.14. What is Big5/GCCS, EUDC, and Big5plus?

C. XML Software

C.1. What is the best free XML software for Chinese at the moment?

C.2. What is the best free XML validators for Chinese at the moment?

C.3. What is the best free XSL software for Chinese at the moment?

C.4. What is the best free XHTML software for Chinese at the moment?

FAQ Information

Where can I get more Information?

What is the "Chinese XML Now!" project?

Who should can I contact about this FAQ?


Thanks for corrections to Sidney Lu, John Cowan (plus apologies for the previous typo in his name), and Toshinori Numata

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