This FAQ is about QAML, a markup language for internet FAQs.

QAML is the Question and Answer Markup Language.

A. General

A.1. What is a FAQ?

A.2. What is a Markup Language?

A.3. What is QAML?

A.4. Who wrote QAML?

A.5. Why not just use HTML?

B. About Writing QAML Documents

B.1. How can I write a QAML document?

B.2 What is the smallest QAML document?

B.3. How can I make a list in QAML?

B.4. What stylesheets are available for QAML?

B.5. How can I make a hypertext link?

B.6. What is the relationship between QAML metadata and Dublin Core?

B.7. What is the gist attribute?

B.8. Why is the email address of the author mandatory?

B.9. How can I include graphics?

C. Processing QAML documents

C.1. What can I use QAML documents for?

C.2. What are text processing languages?

D. QAML and Standards

D.1. Are Standards Useful?

D.2. What is XML?

D.3. What is I18n?

D.4. What is Accessability?

D.5. What is Dublin Core?

Cataloging Information (Dublin Core)

<DC:TITLE       xml:lang="en">The QAML FAQ </DC:TITLE>
<DC:CREATOR                  >Rick Jelliffe </DC:CREATOR>
<DC:SUBJECT     xml:lang="en">FAQ, QAML, Frequently Asked Question,
      Question and Answer Markup Language, XML, SGML 
<DC:DESCRIPTION xml:lang="en">Frequently Asked Questions about using QAML, 
                              the Question and Answer Markup Language </DC:DESCRIPTION>
<DC:PUBLISHER   xml:lang="en">Computing Centre, Academia Sinica, Taiwan </DC:PUBLISHER>
<DC:TYPE        xml:lang="en">Text.Article </DC:TYPE>
<DC:DATE                     >1999-04-06 </DC:DATE>
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FAQ maintained by: Rick Jelliffe

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by QAML Tools from Academia Sinica Computing Center, Taipei, Taiwan