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Chinese XML Now!

A project to help developers of Chinese XML Software.[Note]

Chinese XML FAQ

How to Use XML and Chinese: Frequently Asked Questions
(A prelimary XML version in XML and CSS using QAML DTD is available too.)
A Chinese Metadata FAQ is also available, in XML with CSS.)

Chinese - English Glossary of XML and SGML Terms

Standard Terminology in Translation

Chinese XML Test Files

Simple test files of well-formed XML, for checking Chinese support.

"The Chinese Numberplate" Logos

Logos to show which Chinese character sets software accepts or generates.

Software for Processing Chinese XML

Quick and unreliable guide to software supporting XML

Voyager: HTML-in-XML

The HTML files in this site use XML syntax. Read how we do it.


XML and SGML Resources

Useful Links

Other information about XML on the WWW

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Academia Sinica

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