The Schematron

An XML Structure Validation Language using Patterns in Trees

WAI: Web Accessability Inititative Guidelines

Many of the WAI guidelines can be turned into a schema easily. Here is the schema, and here is an evil test file. And here is the result, as generated by schematron-report. This is an unusual schema, because it is not a definitional schema, but rather a best-practise schema.

Of course, any HTML in XML file or XHTML file can be used for data. The test file is certainly not good or even valid HTML (against the HTML DTDs). But you can see that this WAI schema does not require documents that are valid; it only is interested in validating the patterns that WAI is interested in. (Actually, I have just made each section in the WAI guidelines into a pattern: this perhaps is slack, since really a pattern should be a bunch or rules that are somehow interconnecting.)

Here is the same schema and document represented in RDF.

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